UHP satellite routers are universal equipment with software-defined functionality. Depending on the activated software options UHP router can operate in different modes, perform different roles in the satellite network. In connection with this unique feature of UHP routers the operating documentation consists of three levels that allow combining different hardware models with required modes of operation into one set of documents:

Hardware level

This documentation includes specification sheets, general description and installation manual for each specific model of UHP routers. These documents are purposed for general use and allow getting familiar with general technical characteristics of UHP routers regardless of its mode of operation. Please refer to a respective hardware model to dowload the latest specifications and manuals. 

Service level

“Service level” documentation includes an Overview and Operation manual for each supported mode of operation. These documents are applicable for all models of UHP routers with appropriate software keys that activate these modes. Service-level manuals in conjunction with the respective Hardware-level specifications form a complete set of operational documentation for particular application of UHP router. Please refer to a respective mode of operation to dowload the latest specifications and manuals. 

System level

This document is purposed for network designers and administrators who require in-depth technical description of the system, principles of its configuration, operation and optimization. The Network Engineering Guide covers all possible modes of operation of UHP routers and is applicable to all models of the router. To work effectively with this document, it is recommended to pass the relevant training courses for UHP Specialists. The Network Engineering Guide is accessible for authorized users of MyUHP service or available on request via technical support center.

Previous firmware releases

Our web site provides the latest versions of documentation, which is applicable for the current version of the UHP software. Please contact our Technical Support Center if you need documentation for the previous releases of our products.