UHP technology is the best choice to create multiservice satellite broadband networks to serve various users in the hardest-to-reach locations: individual households, community users, remote offices and government agencies. The unique HUBMUX technology allows multiple subnets to be aggregated into one wideband carrier with full traffic isolation. HUBMUX opens up great opportunities for a diversified and efficient use of HTS satellites.
  • High transmit and receive throughput up to 225 Mbps
  • Efficient satellite bandwidth utilization
  • Easy to install, reliable and inexpensive terminals
  • Support for wideband multi-beam satellites
  • Scalable Hubs with local and geo-redundancy
  • Advanced network management with VNO

The deployment of a broadband network can be started with the UHP-200 based mini-hub, which will provide operation of up to 2000 terminals. This hub can scale without hardware replacement up to a multi-beam geo-redundant HTS hub with support for up to 0.5 million terminals. The powerful IP router and advanced QoS capabilities of UHP-100 based terminals guarantee fast internet speeds and essential business applications such as VPN, video collaboration, email, point of sale transactions, file transfers, streaming content and more.