• High-throughput communication anywhere
  • Universal hardware with software-definable functionality
  • The industry’s best cost of ownership with minimal CAPEX
  • Efficient satellite bandwidth utilization with on demand access
  • Various compatible hardware models for any purpose
  • Fixed, transportable and mobile terminals
  • Easy to install and operate hardware with friendly interface
  • Multi-user network management system with VNO

Doing business in the 21st century requires modern business to continually meet new challenges in a hyper-dynamic world. Business opportunities have gone from local to global and business applications are often networked across the town, across the country and even across the ocean. International medium-sized business and big groups of all descriptions benefit from the rapid data network in space. Via satellite, they are frequently able to send, distribute and receive their data faster, better and cheaper than with terrestrial communications. End consumers and firms are benefiting more and more from the advantages of satellite technology.

Prospective customers are not only big groups, but also medium-sized business and organizations with two or more remote locations. All of these depend upon reliable connections with their branch offices. There is absolutely no way that technology can be allowed to fail, if that would interfere with time-critical processes, such as just-in-time production or forward trading. In many cases the provision of comprehensive telecoms is a critical success factor. It makes the difference between being mediocre and being the leader of the sector. Whether oil producer, automobile manufacturer, media group, big bank or governmental structure, they all want their technology and networks to work properly any time and at any place.

The demands of groups of companies are as diverse as their sectors. Linking locations together with a homogenous broadband network is not trivial; and we must not underestimate the need that internationally orientated businesses have, to cut costs for terrestrial links between foreign countries or remote locations. In doing so, these types of customer look for alternatives for wideband, multimedia based data exchange and want also to integrate remote places into the enterprise network cost-efficiently. This enables employees from all over the world to gain access to key business data.