UHP-280 is a universal VSAT router with Software-Defined Architecture. The device packs industry-highest processing capability into a very compact size with power consumption under 12W. It can process up to 650 Mbps of aggregate traffic. UHP-280 comprises two DVB demodulators, multichannel TDMA burst demodulators, a universal wideband TDMA/SCPC modulator and a powerful IP router. The high processing capability allows implementation of uniquely efficient protocols for network access, resource allocation and data encapsulation as well as support for advanced MODCODs.
  • World’s fastest VSAT router with aggregate throughput up to 650 Mbps, powerful UHP-RTOS
  • Two independent DVB demodulators with software-switchable IF inputs and rate up to 500 Msps
  • Efficient DVB-S2/S2X ACM modulations with 5% or 20% roll-off and support for HTS
  • One MF-TDMA demodulator with innovative protocol and proven efficiency of 96% vs. SCPC
  • Adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) in forward/return channels, including SCPC/TDMA modes
  • Various modes of operation and topologies: SCPC, TDM/TDMA Star&Mesh, Hubless TDMA
  • HTS-ready VSAT with support of multiple beams, bands, satellites reception with traffic balancing
  • Superior IP router productivity up to 190,000 PPS and rich set of supported protocols, QoS
  • Layer 3 routing architecture and Layer 2 bridging mode with IPV6 transport
  • Two Gigabyte Ethernet user ports with built-in switch simplifies scalability and connection of CPE
  • Ultra-low latency VSAT system with round-trip delay about 570 ms for TDMA mode of operations
  • Industry’s most compact full-scale 1U Hub with scalable MF-TDMA channels
  • 1:1 automatic redundancy without external controllers or M:N Smart Redundancy

UHP TDM/TDMA Hub has a high-availability modular design, based on principles of distributed computing. The Hub is composed of Universal Controllers (UC), interconnected with Gigabit Ethernet links on the data side and with IF splitter/ combiner on the IF side. Each UC is implemented with a single UHP-280 router. Depending on the software license activated, a specific UC can operate as Outroute Controller (OC) generating a single Outroute TDM (DVB) carrier, Multi-Carrier (MCD) Inroute Controller (IC) capable of receiving multiple TDMA carriers, SCPC DAMA transmitter or receiver. UC may have no specific license installed; in this case it serves as a standby resource in the UHP Smart Redundancy scheme.

The Network Management System runs on a Linux server. It is separate from the Hub, so it’s failure wouldn’t bring down the network.