»Hubless TDMA

UHP Hubless TDMA is a versatile VSAT network, operating without a central Hub. It can support any network topology (star or mesh) and is a good fit for many applications. Every Hubless TDMA station has similar architecture and may communicate with the others over a single-hop satellite link, while one station is designated as master and is responsible for maintaining the timing and allocating bandwidth.
  • Support of various topologies: ‘hub and spoke’, ‘multilevel tree’, ‘full mesh’
  • Innovative MF TDMA protocol with proven efficiency of 96% vs. SCPC
  • Various modulations QPSK/8PSK/16APSK and bandwidth-saving LDPC coding
  • High-throughput Mesh MF-TDMA: up torn4 carriers of 11 Msps aggregate
  • Ultra-low latency VSAT system with round-trip delay about 570 ms
  • L2 Bridge and advanced IP router with throughput up to 190 000 packets per second
  • Support of VLAN, multi-level QoS, codec-independent handling of real-time traffic, TCPA
  • Fast network startup — network is ready for use in less than a minute upon power-up
  • Minimally required bandwidth is just 120 kHz can be shared by up to 2,000 stations
  • Automatic transmission level control ensures superior reliability of communication
  • Various hardware models, including compact, integrated, rack-mountable and outdoor versions
  • Compatible with majority of C, Ku and Ka-band RF Systems


The smallest size Hubless TDMA network consists of only two stations which communicate via a common TDMA carrier. This network can be expanded up to 2 000 sites operating via up to 4 MF-TDMA carriers shared by all stations simultaneously. Such network development does not require any hardware replacement of the existing sites. 

Affordability of the equipment combined with highly-efficient utilization of satellite capacity ensures the best total cost of network ownership. Hubless TDMA is also a good choice rational solution for replacement of obsolete SCPC channels; this can significantly boost the total traffic in the system, due to statistical multiplexing of user traffic with sophisticated QoS policies. 

Owing to software-definable architecture of the UHP platform, Hubless TDMA technology can be a good entry solution for a private VSAT network, eliminating the need for expensive central infrastructure at an early stage of network rollout. At any time Hubless TDMA network can be remotely switched to TDM/TDMA mode without replacing any hardware or even visiting the sites.