»Terms and Conditions


All Equipment and Services of UHP NETWORKS INC. (“UHP”) are furnished to Purchaser only on the terms and conditions stated in this document (the “T&C”) and in the Quotation to the exclusion of any terms and conditions submitted by Purchaser orally or in writing. 

UHP’s performance of any contract is expressly conditioned on Purchaser’s agreement to these T&C. Purchaser’s submission of a purchase order that references the Quotation shall be deemed Purchaser’s offer to purchase the Equipment and Services described in the Quotation and Purchaser’s acceptance of these terms and conditions in their entirety and without alteration or supplementation. These terms and conditions may not be altered, supplemented, or amended, unless they are in writing and duly executed by UHP. In case of discrepancies between the terms of a Quotation and these T&C, the terms of the Quotation shall have precedence.

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